Community Gardener


Introducing Rachel, our community gardener who works both at Cross Corners and Mellor Community Primary School. Rachel’s role is funded through a Severn Trent Community Fund grant. Rachel has transformed the courtyard area at Cross Corners and she maintains the Community Garden at the front of Mellor school. She is an extremely knowledgeable gardener and has super carpentry skills. She has made compost bins and a wonderful bug hotel in the Mellor community garden. Rachel has her own allotment and really enjoys taking her grandchildren to the allotment to help her with the gardening. Rachel also volunteers some of her time working with Beccy Adlard (Year 6 teacher at Mellor) on the school’s forest school area. Rachel works on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. If you are interested in getting some tips and helping out on the garden spaces, please get in touch with the Mellor school office.